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Hey NGers,

This is our debut flash game. It was mostly done from scratch (minus sound effects) by 3 people. I did the programming, my brother did the art, and Ed (of NeoTokyo fame) did the music.

The game is kind of hard to get use to at first, so I suggest you play the training missions and check out the help button. There's also some skillful things you can do that are undocumented, so it's up to you to figure them out :)


Update 8/21/14: Available on iOS

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something new and challenging

VGames responds:

Thanks for the review!

Loved it

It was a completely unique gamestyle, with an interesting story (as far as I could tell) that was actually challenging for a change ! I'm so tired of this watered down attempt to appease the masses with stupid bright easy games, this is a refreshing challenge

VGames responds:

Thanks CoyoteIncarnate! It's nice to see someone enjoy a hard game for a change.

for me unplayable

I can't pass the first guy
i try to get behind the pillar but it runs in circles
I'm using a laptop so consider making a control change
you don't have to change it just make an option so I can actually play it
everything else was fine

VGames responds:

Did you get a chance to run through the training missions? I recommend you do them first before jumping straight into the game. Thanks for taking the time to write a review!

Inconsistent, but decent...

I want to start out by saying that this game is rather interesting and unique. I love the premise, and it gets some points for that.

Having that said, I want to discuss the control scheme. The mechanics of the game are solid, but the control scheme itself is incredibly fickle. The mouse lines that are drawn are affected by the camera movement. Often, when drawing a line to take cover behind a pillar, I found myself taking cover on the side of the pillar facing the enemy, who would proceed to shoot me into oblivion.

Same thing with the Dash mechanic. Awesome idea, but often when I would draw a Dash line, my character would simply just move in that direction, instead of using Dash, and I would get shot to death. It was probably a mistake to place special functions on the mouse controls when the mouse is also used for movement. Instead of having tight controls, the combination of camera movement and fickle design mechanics ends up creating a very hit-and-miss system of gameplay. This tends to be the issue with most Nintendo Wii and DS games.

Lastly, I wanted to address one more thing... Damage recoil. For the love of God and all that is holy, please remove damage recoil. Every time the character in this game gets shot, he spends 1 full second recoiling in pain, which is more than enough time for the enemy to pop you a few more times, thereby restarting the recoil animation. What this means is almost instant death, every time the enemy gets off even 1 shot. It's frustrating and it hurts the replayability of your game.

Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The graphics are nice and stylized. The story is pretty decent, and the sound is good quality, although VERY loud (I had to turn it off).

VGames responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review RogueJack. I take it that you wanted a disconnect between gestures and movement with the mouse. We actually ran into this topic during development, but stuck with the current system because we thought it was more suited for this type of gameplay. As for the damage recoil, you can actually hold down the fire button and it will get "queued" to suppress the enemy or even out right kill him. We know these sort of things should be told to the player, and we'll definitely make it easier to understand in our next game.


This is such a great game!
I like the 'feel & play' of it, like said unique controls and ama-zing quality.
Great animation and art for the characters.


VGames responds:

Thanks for the review! We're glad you liked it.

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2009
2:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun