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The Legend of Tamko DEMO

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As the guardian of Tamko, you must cleanse the lands of evil on your epic adventure.
Hey guys. Some of you might have seen the trailer for this game, and say it didn't look very good. I agree. I have went away and spent time giving my game a graphical overhaul and working very hard - making quests, areas, maps, adding sound, fixing bugs. This is the demo! Its a little bit short, but please dont down rate it for that. It has a good engine. The full version is going to be LOONGGG. Might take me another 4 months to make. If you find any bugs, please tell me. I spent HOURS searching for bugs and fixing them, but hey - nobodys perfect.
As you may have noticed, this is a big step for me. I'm used to making silly games (like cave raider.) and maze games, etc. I'm proud of this, and put all my knowledge into it. (Im a rookie lol.)

Oh and btw, Sorry that the swinging sword has no sound effect - it made it lag. I am currently working hard to find a solution.

Another inventory panel will be added for the full version when i know what other items will feature in the RPG.
So.. Controls.

W,S,A,D, to move
S P A C E to swing your sword.
Also special thanks to - MaestroRage, Hades0013, Eperiod and smartpoetic for your FANTASTIC medieval loops. I enjoyed using them.

So! I hope you enjoy. Please give me lots of constructive feedback so i can add or remove anything for the full version:.


Richard Bardell:.

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i found a glitch at the harbor befor goin to main island if u go up to the locked house and hit the door a couple times u get sucked in side


I liked everything, but -1 for incorrect instructions in the game. (u said A=left S=Right D=Down and W= up. Swap D and s rond)

RDBFLASH responds:

Oops. Sorry. Fixed it.
But it is a bit unfair that u rated it 9 instead of 10 just because of that. Surely you knew how to move anyway!

The legend of Tamko demo

its good but the music gets annoying and he walks to slow ^^

If this is really just a demo...

...then I suggest you finish it. Never upload demos - they are a shame to us people who actually want to evaluate a game properly. Because you finally get into the game, and then suddenly the game stops, either: 1) Because the game is incomplete 2) You have to buy the game 3) Other. Kinda brings us down from the climax point we were in.

It DOES seem like a good game, though, so I'll give you that.

RDBFLASH responds:

Ok. I dont usually make demos, but the only reason i made a demo this time is because people who watched the trailer were looking forward to it, so i decided to bring them this early. Also, to keep me motivated - working towards this demo took 14 days, but working towards the full game will take me 70 days.

So it just helps me keep motivated
Thanks for your review.

Super Energy Potion

Very good. I like it. Work on graphics more, add rest of the world, fix some "teleports", and you have a nice game well deserving 5/5. Now i'm putting 4/5 and 9/10 because it's demo.