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The 5 Hour Collab IV

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The theme this time was...ROBOTS

Running time: 6 minutes. (Obviously the flash is not 5 hours long, the 5 hours is the time each person got to make their part). Big thanks to everyone who took part, especially Mattster who made the awesome scene select, the preloader and the credits scene.

The 5 Hour Collabs are time trails where flash authors get to make a part on a selected theme in only 5 hours, the parts are then added to one big collab.

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Really funny...but what is the song on RedHarvest's short?

5 hours! lol

hahaha, to think i came to this thinking it would be 5 hours long. lol, well how sad am I? lol really great collab, with different storys. REALLY DIFFERENT!

Great collab guys.

Good Points:
I liked the wide range of styles is what you generally get with all collabs, but thats why I enjoy watching them. The pre-loader and menu was quality stuff, introduction to a flash is always important so people don't immediately dismiss it with bad comments. I loved the result, despite people getting over time on their parts, I guess it was necessary so the quality was of a higher quality.

Bad Points:
More parts would have been nice, but not many people are willing to work 5 hours straight, I know I was skeptical at first.

Really good collab, great quality despite the time limit and thats what makes these collabs and the artists stand out.


This is a type of collab I can't stand. There are two kinds of great collab. Either all the parts are incredibly good by themselves and form a bigger goodness together. Either there is a story that the artists follow with their own parts. And let me tell you that yours is none of these.

The collab only follows a theme, which is the base of every collab. Robots ? Okay, I don't really care, it's not original but it's not too cheesy either. And then ? Nothing. The viewer just happens to watch rather random flicks that don't come along together. The quality is very fluctuating as well, it goes from the very bad to the barely decent. I know 5 hours is extremely short. But most of the artists tried a complex animation and story even though they knew they wouldn't be able to finish it within hours ! I think, e.g., at the part where a nicely drawn robot tries to climb a hill. What is the damn point of this lash ? This is nor funny nor interesting. But it's nicely drought.

You see, the most problem in this collab is both the incoherence between the scenes and the poor quality of the whole. Obviously the animators are not the best but they could have nailed to simple yet lovely animations. Most of them aimed too high and their work fall flat. Better luck next time, the concept is likeable.


aight but it got pretty boring it seemed like yall just threw some stuff together but the robot senarios are pretty awsome