Reviews for "The 5 Hour Collab IV"


I'm not sure why, but I enjoyed Calicard's part and Balderdashington's part the most, but still everyone else did a great job.

I really liked it

I would definitely want to take part in one of these if you keep doing them. Everybody's part was awesome.


really liked DumdassDude, but kartmans sound effects could have been better. very good overall thoguh

I still wish you didn't cut my part :P

If you want you could delete the V-Cam and re-edit it, but it doesn't matter. Anyway everyone did a great job on their parts, and thanks for the Co-Author.

LOL it says Techno in the Co-Author list twice.. Anyway, I am already looking forward to the next 5 hour collab if there is going to be one. PM when you do it please :P

Nicholas-Deary responds:

yeah, sorry again man. But it was all down to time constraints and all. If you want I can re edit yours later in full :D

Well done

Smooth animation
Well colored
Good music
Has buttons


This is very well done! It was funny and the songs were good choices to. It was a good idea to put buttons in there that allowed you to skip or go back to things that you don't like or may have missed. Plus, it was well animated. The only bad thing is that it loops. So, in the next collab you may plan on making, you should really put a replay button on it, then, I would've givven it a 10/10. Other than that though, it's still a 9/10, and a 5/5! Keep up the good work!