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Expelled (AS3 Sucks)

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Author Comments

I finally made the leap to AS3. It's like learning to walk all over again. I made this little project as a way to test myself. It's just a simple point and click puzzle game that shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. If anyone finds any bugs please let me know, as this whole thing has just been one big learning experience. Thanks and enjoy!

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Short, simple, not SUPER FUN, but entertaining

Yeah, I gotta say, I think the "epic review" was a bit harsh, yet it seemed to soften up a little at the end. But this is a review of your project, not a review. So ignore that sentence. Yeah, this was actually pretty difficult to get right. I must admit, I cheated a bit and looked at the walkthrough the guy provided. I agree a bit with him, though. It would have been cool if some of those alternate endings could have been provided. The artwork, though not complicated, was beautiful in it's simplicity. Whenever I try art, I tend to overcomplicate things and it ends up looking like a turd on a hot day. Whatever that means.
Eh...I might have had more to say, or maybe some sort of point when I began, but I've forgotten.
Keep up the good work!

what is the song called?

what's the song called?

McSpazz responds:

The song is "My Girlfriend is Better than Yours" by the band of the same name! It's kinda mega-sweet.

Walkthrough and rant

The star of this game, just like most point-and-click games, is just trying over and over again unsuccessfully to set up a big rube-goldberg-esque chain of events until you finally get some sort of idea of what the desired end result might be. Co-starring is an abrupt introduction to the game with no discernible motive to point you in the correct direction, and it's surrounded by a supporting cast of several bugs, annoying music (thank god you didn't forget the mute button), no reset button, no sound effects, and to top it all off, it's all bundled under the "there's only one correct way to beat this game and it's a pretty fucking ridiculous idea that you'll never guess lol" mentality.

Many ideas came to mind when I was given the props in this game, kill the bird with my slingshot out of pure rage and then leave on the tractor, lure the guy out with the rock and then shoot HIM with the slingshot, lure the guy out with the rock and stab him to death with my fork, use the hose and the spigot to make a puddle of water at the bottom of the steps and then use my slingshot to snap the electrical wire and move it into the puddle and then lure the guy out and let him run into the puddle and electrocute him, lure the guy out with the rock and then run him over with the tractor, hide by the steps and lure the guy out them beta him to death with the skateboard, set the hose up on the wire and carry the rock and hose to the top of the electrical post then lure him out with the rock and when he comes out swing down on the hose like indiana jones and kick him in the face and the bottom of the swing, etc etc etc the list goes on. Never once did I get the ambition to make him a pinata. That's the problem with this "one correct answer" mentality. A good puzzle never has but one correct method to obtaining a solution, it rewards the person with the creativity to reach a solution via any methods. The solution in the case of this game was obviously revenge at the guy in the school, and any of my solutions were just as good as yours, if not funnier or more interesting than yours.

Just in case anybody wants a walkthrough to see the ridiculous end result, here is a walkthrough.

-Click the tractor to start it
-Click the hose, click the tractor to attach it to the tractor, then click the electrical post to loop it around the top.
-Click the backpack to pull out the slingshot, then click the lowest apple on the tree to lure the bird away.
-Click the backpack to pull out a fork, then click the electrical post to stick the fork into it.
-Click the electrical post to climb to the top, then click the looped hose at the top to push it down.
-Click the skateboard to set it up for when the guy comes out.

Now get ready and read ahead, because this next part requires some sort of timing:
-Click the rock to throw the rock and lure out the guy.
-Click the bird AS SOON AS the guy comes out onto the step, and he'll shit in his eyes, causing him to stumble onto the skateboard, and roll over and fall into your looped up hose trap.
-When the guys lands in the hose trap, run over to the started up tractor and kick it and he'll get pulled up.
-Anti-climatic finish, you win

All in all, the game could be much better. You pointed out that this is your first run through with AS3, which is cool. But you can test out all your action-scripting on your own, and leave uploading the project to newgrounds until it is completely finished and polished.

McSpazz responds:

Epic review. Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you in most regards on your sentiments about point 'n click puzzles. This one, by far, is not a prime specimen. However, I would comment that I feel Newgrounds serves as both a wonderful showcase for fine flash work, and a resource for people who are still learning the craft to develop their skills, and receive valuable feedback. And hey--it's free, right? Thanks for the review.

Just gotta remember

You just gotta remember that AS3 is a ground up revision of ActionScript. Its gonna be hard at first and I'm having a hard time with it too, but will so payoff later. It was a good game for AS3 and hope you keep up on it.

McSpazz responds:

It certainly better be worth it--it's frustrating enough. :)


Could have been nice (didn't know it was a point and click :P)
Nice song ^_^
but yeah bug... after ataching the hose on the mower...the guy just picked up an other hose from the 1st place he founs one...and now he's throwing it on the line again ( I can do it more thant one time)

McSpazz responds:

That's odd--I had some problems with the code on the hose--i'll look into it to see what i did wrong. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2009
7:35 PM EDT