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Blubber platform game

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blubber is not a really long game but still very interesting. You only need to finish the 12 levels with one life without being touched by red bubbles, corals and jellyfishes. If an enemy touch you, you lose and restart from the beginning. You can be teleported by tele-stations in some levels. It is good to do the training before starting to play. If you jump from too high, you will break the grund and die.In some levels, you need to be ingenious to succed them. In this version of blubber, I put a level access when you lose. There is a score counter too because you can collect yellow bubbles and tresors for 10 points and the max score you can get is 650 points BUT IF YOU GO TO THE MENU, YOUR SCORE RESTART TO 0. I made this flash game with flash macromedia 8 and it is my first completed so be nice with me please...

move right=right key
move left=left key
jump= up key or space bar

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i like the way you could choose to play any level

Ya un proleme...

Yo, si u te tue au premier niveau, tu peux aller tout de suitee a la fin, mais a part sa c super ;)


This is a good game in many ways, and I think it was fun playing. =D

Marc-Antoine de l'école XD

je te donne 9 pcq je n'aijamais donner aucun 10 de ma vie XD
les nouveau niveau sont super et j'attend la suite avec impatience... ptetr eessai de corriger l'affaire du plancher et... lorsque je meurs je garde mon score alors moi qui n'ai pas vraiment de vie me suis rendu à 9999 XD... lesniveau les plus dur son selon moi lui avec les plancher invisible et le reverse... tuka ta fait un bon travail XD... c bien le tutorial maintenant j'ai compris que les coraux me tue XD... ciao et à la prochaine

lohrel21 responds:

merci big je vais faire la suite et si tu peux tu viendra chex nous

It's ok...

but there were a lot of problems. The red bubbles can walk off of the platforms and you can jump through the platforms from under them. Even with a few problems, it was still pretty fun. The different levels were well made though, and they looked kind of nice.

lohrel21 responds:

thanks man. i'll try to fix those problems

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2009
12:33 PM EDT