The Future Teller (Prank)

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Basically, this is a fake future teller, one of those things that is too good to be true, but you have to check it out anyway! ...To the untrained eye! It basically gets you to focus on the screen and then something jumps at you! Like the classic maze game thing! Exept this one gives you a reason to have the sound switched on! Have fun, and tell me what you think!




The idea is not bad but need more Work on it. Too much time pass you get bored and your attention float away. uh scuse me forthe horrible English i!!!

here are some hints

first of all you gave it away with the description, i didnt got scared, but it had good potential.
Second at the beginning, the start button should be the star shape thing, it took me a while to figure out that it was the sentance.
Third, lower the overall sound of the game so that we have to increase it higher, so the scream scares the hell out of ppl.
Lastly get a scaryer picture :S

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Eh, not scary

It may just be that I'm hard to scare, but that didn't startle me at all. I kinda just yawned. Perhaps the scream should have been louder or something. Not too bad though, it made my uncle;s baby cry and made my mom nearly piss herself.

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nice going

Way to spoil the movie for me in your desciption. It was a very good idea and i probubly would'nt've seen it coming but you spoiled the ending in your description and you said it it was a prank in the title. Although, it is a very good idea and I might as well show it to my friends, as long as it is on a different website or somthing so the ending wouldn't be revealed before it plays. Otherwise, good job on this flash.

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it was ok

this was not scary because you told us it was fake and your voice stopped suddenly before he surprise so i guessed something was going to happen
also on the screen were you fill in the info if you press next before the voice is over it overlaps the voice on the next one

This could be good but it needs a bit of tweaking

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Jun 19, 2009
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