Marshmallow Babies

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I made this animation today.
It about two people, Lagreen and Lablue.
Lagreen seems like an over friendly person.......
Lablue should have left earlier.

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Hadn't seen this one. Fantastic!

I haven't made anything all year. I'm terrible.

=] good

well made too

Very clever animation.

This is a very impressive animation for something that was made in a single day. This had such a crazy plot to follow, the Lagreen character made me laugh, mainly because their voice was so funny. The animation was nice and I did not expect the ending at all. The little scene with the bunny ears gave me a good laugh too. Great job on this one, I really enjoyed it.

Just wondering, what was your inspiration for this flash? It had such an obscure storyline, I was just curious on how you came up with this. I hope to see more of these characters in your future films. I was entertained by this flash from beginning to end. I now have high expectation for your flashes, so keep up the good work!

munchmed responds:

thanks for the compliments. Well yesterday i found an old comedy script i wrote, which was pretty terrible. So i picked out some good/crazy bits and wrote this new short script.
the animation was just me being lazy. But i do like how the greens guys mouth gets higher and bigger the crazier he gets.
I dunno if they'll make appearances in other films as the other films are completely different styles.

- nathan


This ranks up there with Alfred. And that's a compliment.

munchmed responds:

I'm not sure who Alfred is, but i am glad to be up there with him.

Excellant work Crumb :)

One of your best and most hillarious animations so far :D

munchmed responds:

thankyou :D

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
3:35 PM EDT
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