my second work

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this is my second work


its actually pretty good!

i love the first part where the guy shoots the other guy in the head so dramatically. That was the best part.
You may want to add a preloader, more realistic blood, and some better sounfd effects. but its still pretty good.

Keep working!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

It's really not bad for your second work. The animation and graphics weren't bad. A little bit of room for improvement, but I think you have a good start here.

What I think is obvious is the need for backgrounds in your submission. Detailed backgrounds would add so many good visuals to your submission. Looks like you might have the talent to do it so I highly recommend it. Nobody really likes to see a simple white background in submission like this.

~ Story/Content ~

I liked that you used the slow down on the bullet, but I think that you might have used it too many times. I think that you don't want to repeat animations too many times and using the slow down for the bullet both times was a little too much.

You had a little bit of humor, but nothing spectacular. Really seems like the generic stickman submission. Next time work in some plot or storyline. If you just want to go with random killing then I suggest you make it about a minute or two longer.

~ Audio ~

Sound effects were alright, but again hearing the same splat noise again and again just didn't sound good. You'd expect a different noise every now and then.

I think some nice ambient background music would have gone good with this. Something that sounds like battle music or just pump up music.

~ Overall ~

Other than what I have suggested I would also suggest adding a preloader/play button, replay button, etc.. The basics. I also would like to say keep working because you will improve. Good luck in future projects and keep working hard!

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Who's "Guta"?

No user icon, no submission icon, no capitalization or punctuation in your "Author's Comments" section, no preloader, no play button, no replay button. Right off the bat, i'm not taking you or your work seriously.
The content was just as much of a massacre to play through. White background, no music, three or four sound effects - which it's painfully obvious that they repeat themselves - and the "all-original" theme of "stick figures shooting guns and dying in ridiculous ways".

What could possibly go wrong? =D

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1.28 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
7:29 PM EDT
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