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Total Attraction

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Author Comments

This is a movie that I have done for a "One Minute Movie Competition". I don't know how well I've done in this competition so it is up to u to decide. Enjoy the movie and thanks.

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Not bad drawings..

But look at some walk cycles, no offense but she wasn't really walking. Work on more fluidity in the animation as well, it felt kinda stiff. But nice graphics.

Good work

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Beautiful animation in my opinion. Everything seemed pretty smooth and the graphics were awesome. I think the only thing that I can comment on is when he "turned" to continue looking at the girl. It looked unnatural when he was just looking one way then the other way. I think he should have slowly followed her with his head and have his body move along with it.

~ Story/Content ~

Not much you can do in one minute is there? Well personally I think you did a great job with the time limit. I don't know what the rules were other than the time limit, but it turned out pretty well. A decent submission all around, but I didn't completely understand the ending to it. Perhaps that would be because the next section.

~ Audio ~

I didn't like the voices. I thought the quality was poor and the voice acting really didn't seem to fit the animation at hand. Perhaps I didn't understand the ending because I couldn't understand what he was saying. Really the only flaw though and the only thing I'm taking anything away for in your rating.

~ Overall ~

Didn't take anything away for the length and plot because of how this was for the one minute competition. Took a few points away for the audio, but other than that a good submission for this competition. I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work.


not that great of animation and the sound was a awefull

Nice effort

It's not bad, its cool. Atleast its better than the other crap getting posted today! I guess they allow anything on here and filter out the crap later! But this was a good effort for a trail run!

Skippa responds:



But ok, nice drawing, and good sound