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Mudkip Crazy

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Greg tries to discover whether or not Steve loves Mudkips. Does he? (Bear in mind that these two people are just a wee bit crazy...) This video was mainly intended for YouTube, as I'm not really sure what the Newgrounds opinion is on Mudkips...



~ Animation/Graphics ~

They weren't terrible, but there was so much room for improvement. I suggest perhaps thinking about adding some colors into backgrounds and your characters, making much more detailed graphics of your characters, making much more detailed backgrounds with objects, adding more complicated animations since yours consisted of mostly very simple things, etc..

It may be more work, but it will make your movies so much better.

~ Story/Content ~

Ah, never liked the joke, but didn't let my opinion get in the way of the score. Could have been much better presented if it had better animation. Poor graphics and animation really brought the content of the submission down. Very over done, but again like I said I didn't let any of that effect the score I gave you.

~ Audio ~

This is what the yuck was for in my title. Wow, the quality of the voices really need to be improved. Very hard to understand and also took a lot away from the content of the submission. Perhaps back away from the mic a little bit. Almost sounded like you were spitting in it.

~ Overall ~

The content of the flash is suffering from poor graphics and very poor audio. I'd work on the audio before anything else though. Keep working and don't give up.


Your audio is the suck. I couldnt understand shit.


tell steve to STOP TAKING ACID!!! lol


The voice was kinda suckish....the story was okay....BUT THE ANIMATION WUS PRETTY DAM GOOD! So yeah....I wish I could give you a higher mark but I hafta keep it real.....GOOD JOB!!

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Credits & Info

1.27 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
7:47 PM EDT
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