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Primal War 19

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Well sorry it took me 9 months to submitt this chapter ,but I finally done . This chapter is basiclly a preparation for the final battle. It was intended that chapter 19 will be done in 2 volumes but I decided that I will continue on to chapter 20 and the their will be a "Primal War : Final "so their will be 2 more eps left. I have so much extra battle footaage that I cannot fit in this episode , so look out for the next chapter around.........let me hold of on the due date. Hope you enjoy.

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This prelude to Episode 20 is awesome. However, I felt that the dinosaur king should've been shown getting wasted rather than having the dinosaur witch take him out offscreen. That would've been good.


As long as i have been a fan of this series i forgot all about the saga and now i have to watch it over again to see who all of these guys are. But il iked the good old days. Saturday Nights watching the new movie of Primal Wars. Im jus tgiving it a 10/10 i have not watched it yet but i will


This series must have been hard to stick with all these years. You deserve props just for that. I commend you most for all the female anatomy you had to draw. That must of been a pain to draw. I feel like this episode was more like the calm before the storm. I understand why the series is made how you made it, without too much sound effects going on, but it gets hard to really get into something thats borderline silent movie. Oh well, it alright for what it is.

Just watched what you had so far...

Very nice story with silent action. I like how the dialogue is minimalist and done in a way that does not derail the storyline. Accessing a broader sound effect library would be an improvement however. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Don't know what was up with the humans and the use of guns earlier, but I take it that stuff is retconned out by this late in the series. Who cares? White Gorrila action. Magic. Works for me.


Awesome series

You should get Tom to sell the DVD of the entire series on NG store after you release the final episode