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Lotions and Baskets

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If you haven't figured it out already this is a parody of Silence of the Lambs. In fact it is a flash adaptation of an excerpt from Silence! The Musical, and I take no credit for the audio used in the animation.
Originally I intended to make the girl fatter and the entire animation to be more absurd.
But faced with a looming deadline I had no choice but take to the more boring route of making it into a simple Duet.

Post Script: The Preloader's broken. Deal with it.


It rubs the lotion on its skin
It does this when it's told
It rubs the lotion on its skin
Or else it gets the hose
And when it's done there's one more thing
A simple little task, it's:
Put the fucking lotion in the basket.

Put the fucking lotion in the basket
All these stupid women are the same
Helps me not to think of them as human, so
I call them "it" instead of by their names.

Mister please no more abuse
Can't you see there's no excuse
My family's prob'ly wonderin' where I've been.

I'll starve you so your skin gets loose
Stop crying now you big fat moose
Just put the fucking lotion on your skin
And then
Put the fucking lotion in the basket
Your chances for survival are remote
I'm impervious to all your silly whining
So pipe down before I jam a moth
Right down your fucking throat.

Mister please, my mom's got money
Let me go -- this isn't funny
Cops are sure to send somebody
Turn me loose -- don't be a dummy!

Listen to you scream and wail
Keep it down you fucking whale
Mind the broken fingernail
The last girl climbed halfway but failed.


She's down here, you piece of shit!

Put the fucking poodle in the basket
I'd kill you but there's someone at the door
Don't make me go and get my gun and shoot you
It's a waste of skin,
They don't sell fat girls in a fucking store.

Put my fucking Precious in the basket
Don't you hurt my one and only friend
You don't know what pain is but I'll teach you if
You lay a fucking finger on my poodle's pretty head.

Put the fucking poodle in the basket!!

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Genius but borderline scary.

cool and pretty funny

i watch mostly once a day... also since i has a wii and can watch this on their but also it sort of doesnt show the guy only face

epic lolz, son

10 for epic lolz, +>9000 for the resivouir dogs lol faces


...........its metapod


I enjoyed this so much. This had me humming for days when you posted this awhile back. I applaud you.