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Generic Sprite Flash: 2

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Watch number 1 here so you understand the story line and the jokes. It just won't make sense if you don't. You've been warned lol.

This is the 2nd installment of my Generic Flash Series. In each episode I try to make reference to different games/sprites. This one was a tad bit shorter than the first one, but that was because people told me the walking was too slow in the first one.

- Improvements

Faster walking

More sound effects

Faster text

More plot/jokes

- What still needs to be improved (in the next episode)

I'm just going to stop talking with the text and start using voices

More detailed

A reviewer requested that I use a subtitle bar instead so I did, but I wished that I would have made the subtitle bar transparent. That will be kept in mind if I end up not making the voices for the next episode.

Anyway, watch, review, vote, etc.. I don't care what score you give me on a review as long as the review is helpful. Telling me not only what to improve, but also how if at all possible.

Also, my 2nd flash that I've ever made. I'm just a writer on the other 23 or so. :P

Thanks to sonofkirk for the quick icon.

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I'm not very impressed. The framerate is painfully slow, although I'm willing to forgive that given that this is a sprite movie from the 2000s. What I will criticize however is the pacing of the overall movie. The beginning is very painfully slow, especially when the centaur threw the magic missile at Link. Not only does it look like it's facing backwards given that the flames are "raising" at the same direction of the ball's trajectory but it goes on and on for an unacceptably long amount of time. Cutting down on that part would've done wonders not just for the pacing but also for the humor of Link just casually walking out of the way. You could've even kept it at the same length but add in more cuts back & forth to maintain the viewer's attention span.

Then the pacing ramps up to give zero suspense when Link is woken up to find an enemy trying to steal his sword, which he very unceremoniously gets back in under a second just before announcing how untrustworthy the forest is at night & running to the town.

It isn't so much the content you're presenting so much as it is the way you're presenting it. Most of everything happens on a flat plane with few changes, if any, to show emphasis or importance. Very underwhelming.

~Review Request Club.

Fro responds:

These were really my first "animations". I agree with all of your statements.

Nice Work!

I liked the random explosions and dialogue. Even though the actual game play moves a bit slow, I felt that it could have been a little faster. The slow fire ball scene was funny as well as the door scene. Overall I think it was a decent flash! Nice work!

Fro responds:

I kind of forget what actually happens in this flash. It seems to be so long ago. Thank your for the review and feel free to review any of my stuff.

Funniest part is the title

While I can't remember what happened in the first one (if I even saw it) this was pretty enjoyable to watch. I don't like these Zelda sprites much, but seeing as how this was obviously a parody it did not matter. I also like when Link was wondering what he was doing on that journey in the first place. Everything seems to be pretty authentic to the feel. I'm glad I know where that village scene comes from, as I had seen it in "Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest". Keep up the decent work.

Fro responds:


The village scene comes from an older game named Golden Axe.

Thanks for the review!

Good Work

Not really a sprite fan, although this flash was decent.
It was funny, and had good music to go along with it. Overall I enjoyed this flash, which is saying a lot, because as I said I hate sprites.

It was good and a bonus for you that you used Link from Zelda, considering that is one of my favourite games of all time.

The movie brought back some good memory's (and some bad ones, of how badly I sucked at some parts).

Good work, liked the flash and wouldn't mind seeing more!


Fro responds:

Thanks! Whenever I have time I'll work on another one!

Great movie!

A well made sprite movie, better than playing the real game.
About trying to put voices on the movie, don´t get down if you can´t do it on the first try. I´m also wondering, can it get better with voices?

Try your best.

Waiting for the sequel.

Fro responds:

I'm wondering about the voices also. We'll see and thanks a lot for the review!