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This was my first flash animation ever. :) Thanks to everyone for their support and criticisms. Only with suggestions can I grow in my work.
This is the tale of how Kitala the Pirate came to be Kitala...the Pirate--more or less anyway. ;D
I intend on making a series of these (forevermore being known as KTP[#]). So check in!

The song is "Salty Dog" by Celtic Tribute Players. It's a beautiful song inspired by Flogging Molly's "Salty Dog." Yay piracy!

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great start

Your drawing style is unique, very creative, and is incredible. There was a lot of work put into minor details of the animation, which made it stand out. Examples of this are how you used several different shades of brown to make the title of the flash, how you used 2 different greens in the her eyes to make them look more real, how well drawn the seagull is, how you made sure that the clothes chest had nails visible etc.

Things about the scenery were drawn well, but i did notice somethings that could have been improved. The water scenes where you see the water moving. I think it would have looked a bit smoother if you drew in more basic water pictures, it would make it look less choppy, and more smooth.

Another thing is that you have conflicting winds. In the beginning, you see the flag blowing in the wind, towards the left side of the screen, but the clouds, as well as the water are all blown to the right.

One last thing that I noticed about the clouds, is that in some screens the clouds are staying perfectly still, and right after you have them moving. This is just another conflict with wind effects within the flash.

The background music of this animation is perfect. It fits in so well. It is this adventurous music, which in this flash that is what the main character is being set up for. There is no sound effects, but that is ok because it would have distorted the background music. You also drew in slides and made notes of the sounds taking place, which makes us know that you didn't forget about them.

The last thing I could suggest is that you add "Stop ();" into the actionscript on the last frame of the flash. That will stop it from looping.

Overall this is a great first flash, that is well drawn, and I can't wait to see more from you

Kitala responds:

First off, thanks Jamie. <3 I really appreciate the criticism and compliments. I agree that the water should have been more smooth, I will quickly change that in my next flash. The winds were such a pain in the ass I definitely started to slack off towards the end with them not moving and all. Those places where the wind moves one way and then another, were really thought to be direction and facing (if shes facing one way the clouds go right/if shes facing another they go another way) but I can definitely see how that could be misread as just not paying attention.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, I actually thought of the flash after hearing the song, and made the scenes accordingly. While I wish I could have put sound, I really was just feeling the song and I didn't want to ruin it.

I don't have flash, so I can't insert script. x_x I wish it were that easy, I can't even figure out how to have a proper preloader or even buttons in Toon Boom Studio (what I use). There are little to no tutorials on it and there's no way I've found to add buttons or preloaders or anything. I could figure out how to stop the loop, though. That's a good idea ;)

Overall, thanks a lot. I appreciate the time and effort you put into that. <3

nice animation

it was pretty good for your first animation and you did GREAT! If you got to be cap'n you'd be great at it! 10/10 & 5/5

Kitala responds:

Haha thanks! I'm glad you think so. I'd probably kick a lot of ass :)

It was ao cute!

The animation was really sweet and the music was lovely plus I loled when you got hit on the head with the coconut :( You'd make a great cap'n!

Kitala responds:

Aww thanks, lovely. <3


I like the direction so far. Awaiting further story with EXTREME ANTICIPATION AND EXPECTATIONS.

Kitala responds:

Oh wow the pressure's on. Thanks though. I'm waiting on yours too :P

A good start

This little flash is cute and shows some skill, I give you some hints because I think you have potential:

- drawings: you have your own style and it's nice, but you have to develop it a little further. Hands are "loaf like" and force you to add hints like "shaking". Try harder, I think you can do better than that. 6/10
- animation: simple but well done, the unconscious frame adds something funny to it. 9/10
- music/sounds: the music it's just perfect and fits the flash, on the other way there are no sounds and again you added hints for that. 7/10 as an average.
- plot/idea: a funny little story full of ideas, the yar sign instead od sos is wonderful, the pirate Pete makes me laugh, just a question: the treasure they trade is real or it's a pirate's trick? 10/10

Overall 8/10, I will wait for your next flash matey, marooned or not.

Kitala responds:

Thanks for all of your kind words and critiques! I love a little constructive criticism :D

Yeah I know my art needs a bit of improvement. I'm trying to work on it. My hands always suck though..I call them muffinhands. I kinda like them XD

Heh. As for the treasure, you'll have to stick around to find out ;D


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4.43 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2009
2:29 AM EDT
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