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Our first trailer. Guess where the music came from. Enjoy, the full movie will be awesome, promise!


I'll speak more clearly...

This is not flash, this is just someone (probably you) drawing a stick probably with Hypercam. We all know it's gonna get blammed, but if this somehow makes it and the actual movie comes out fantastic, I will give you complete worship, but here are the huge problems....

-The music sounds like it came from the western show Kung Fu....

-It's just MSPaint, not Flash, but Hypercam....

- It's a loop for a trailer...

- It's just plain awfull...

So here's my Score (Weighted Average)

Music 10%
Flash 40%
Animation 30%
Quality 20%

Here is your score card... (out of 10...)
M 5, Poor Choice, not really in the "theme"
F 2 It barely passes as Flash, the ending maybe....
A 0 It's just a movie of you drawing
Q 1 Looks Rushed....

1.5 out of 10>>> Failure, Blammation

You need to learn how to use Flash...

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u need to learn how to draw stickmen was that MS paint? or somthing i dont think it will be:C if so u should make a good trailer.

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This isn't Flash. Also, you need to learn how to draw stickmen. Their arms go down like NORMAL PEOPLE, same with the legs. And their heads are supposed to be filled with black. Try again when you have an idea.

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Shouldn't be on newgrounds

Newgrounds is a portal for FLASH movies. This wasn't done on flash, it was recorded and drown on ms paint or some other similar program. Not just that, it sucks, it doesen't make me want to watch the ful movie.

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Its not really that interesting

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1.05 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2009
8:45 AM EDT
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