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Polygonal Fury

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Author Comments

*Update 2* Fixed autosaving after every level -- you shouldn't ever lose your progress now!

*Update* Thanks a bunch for the front page! The response has been just awesome to this game, and it's incredibly gratifying that so many of you are enjoying it!

Polygonal Fury is my first game -- it was inspired by Boomshine and by Circle Chain, both of which were really addictive games. It basically takes the ideas of those games and gives it more depth, with lots of levels and an upgrade system. I'm just getting started with flash development (working on an RTS now), and I hope you guys like my first game!

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Really fun!

One of the better games I've played in a while. I got 4182/4182 after a few hours of playing. Focus on circle placement, everybody! Btw, the reaction chamber's a nice touch.

Pelo says...

~Upgrades work well.
~Redistribution of upgrades at will is much appreciated.
~Great music.

~Not always hitting the piece you want.
~Sometimes comes down to luck.

I have to say, this is by far of the most simple yet amazing games I've encountered. After completing it last year, I was excited to find it again and give it another play through. I was delighted again by the amazing chain reactions and challenging levels. The upgrades are clever and very exciting to see. The ability to upgrade the triangle and your mouse to do more damage is much appreciated in the later levels.

However, I remembered two things that frustrated me both last and this time. Sometimes it came down to pure luck; example being the final level where you hope the super circle does double damage, but there were times when it was standard for maybe 15 clicks. My biggest problem is the square piece. Yes, it works well in a crowd, but you never know where it's going to go. It could be right next to a piece you want dead, but it will go shooting off the screen instead. (I'm well aware that triangles are random too, but at least they do damage). So even with all the upgrades, levels like Insane 1 and 2 are insanely difficult to pass not because your pieces are weak, but because squares don't know where to go.

One thing I also noticed was if there are two polygons on top of each other and you click one, the other may go off instead. Very annoying in the later levels.

On the whole, this is still a great game. I was glad to have played it again. I know I'll play it again soon!


nice game

Like it, the upgrades give a depth to the game. Got me going for hours.
Just one thing, the autosave still doesn't work.

Sooooo addictive

The most addicting fun game in all of existence!