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Sonic Of The Dead II

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IMPORTANT: You need to proceed with Space Bar during the dialogues!!!!

Altough I had some bad problems with my computer the last weeks I've managed to complete Sonic Of The Dead II and I'm really proud of it, because it£s my best work yet. SOTD II contains a lot of new stuff, new characters, new zombies, new effects etc.

At the moment I'm thinking of making a serie of it, but for now I can't work on SOTD III til August. However, enjoy this part of the Sonic Of The Dead Adventure.

PS: I'm working on an Icon =)


I loved the first one why does Sonic keep calling them landlords!?
Which zombie movie did that come from?
Any way keep up the good work and try to fix the problems eh..ehh..

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"Hey, how threw a paper at me?" xD. Very good, the Burp Competition was the best. Keep it up man

dracozero you are right

lol it was funny when power went out and sonic hit tail lol

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ooohhh sonic and knuckles broke the 4th wall by talking about sega publishing there ages

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3.98 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2009
3:58 AM EDT
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