Will Never Be Forgotten

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I started to make this one after "The red ball" submission. But now i see that it's very similar to" the ball".
It took me many time to make, because i simply have no time for it.

NOTE: please, if you watched this till ending, and think that this movie make no sense, that this is mindless piece of crap- watch it again. Some my friends needed 3 or 4 times to watch it until the finally understood what is this movie about. I don't want to say that i am very clever, but this is very serious animation of mine.
Hope you'll enjoy.

CMON, GAIZ! MOVE WITH YOUR BRAINS! iT'S JUST SO SIMPLE! THIS RED PIECE OF SHIT IS JUST WORD "THANKS"!!!!! shit, i didn't knew that it'll be so hard to understand.


dude i knew it

i found out it was thanks after the guy gave the money to the homeless guy and that guy helped the other person with the broken leg...but cool it has lots of meaning!


i have to admit this made me think for a bit there. at first i didnt understand the movie or your comment (authors comment that is) but i see now :)

hm some people cant seem to see beyond the thing that they are seeing or hearing or playing, and not what the motive nor thought nor inspiration that went to make it in the first place.

i think.. that i can say.... that i too am not so "shallow minded" now. i used to like to think that i thought about the world n what other people see about me andwhat other people see about what i am seeing too. but i think something about this has made me think a little deeper too.

"little red pice of shit thing" or "thanks" :)


i thought it was animated quite well but i didnt understand it no matter how many times i watched it and almost everyone looked the same and i got a bit confused so next time you should make everyone shaped differently or different colours or something stil good tho :D

Something new

That was interesting...very creative good job.

tought challenging?

seeing as you are the same guy that made '' the red ball '' id say : try to be more imaginative it feels somewhat like a continuation of '' the red ball '' instead of a second movie.

but on its own it has its praise

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Jun 4, 2009
2:16 PM EDT
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