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Diary of a Lone Butterfly

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Secret Diary of the Lone Butterfly: Of Child's Dream and Nightmares...

Finally, the first prequel episode to the Tsunami series has arrived! In the first chapter of a probable long list of the Diary episodes, we are introduced to a mysterious character only known as The Lady Scientist, a shy, lonely gal who was, along with her uncle (known as The Machinist), one of the keys to the evolution of future androids. The story takes place a millennia ago when robots (a common term at the time) were nothing more than mere tools for humanity; only one could unlock the door to their progress, survival and salvation. While The Machinist found a way to make them think like humans, The Lady Scientist was eventually the one who would be fondly remembered by her believers throughout the universe: the one who gave them 'hearts'. Many of the themes and clues will be present, obviously and subtly, throughout the main series.

This first part of her long series of 'diary' dreams tells The Lady Scientist's dilemma to unlock the secrets of her late uncle's gift to humanity and destroy what's left of both of their sanity. The Lady Scientist, whose wondrous dream was haunted by recurrent nightmares of her uncle's forbidden ambition and her brutal fate, has no other choice than to survive by forcing herself to lead a new civilization to light.

Animated & Directed by Glen B.Wang

Story by Glen B.Wang

Screenplay by Kieran Squires and Glen B.Wang

Music composed by Selcuk 'Maestrorage' Bor

Featuring the voice of Erin 'Overshadowed' Tenelle as The Lady Scientist

Based on ideas and characters by Glen B.Wang, Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto and the Santos Brothers
2009 (C) Glen B.Wang/A-Log/Santos Bros.

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nice art, boooring story.

not my cup of tea, but the art was nice =)

very good animation

voices where corny though


Very few flashes have the power to make me cry this was one of them the story was touching and I can relate with the main chariter on a level as one of my family members died recently the anamation was it's own not like most the flashes you see on New Grounds, so 11/10 I don't care that you can't go past ten I just did. WHAT YOU GUNNA DO ABOUT IT!


great flash, nicely done, liked the style of animation you did.

keep up the good work, and make more :D.


every once in a while, somebody puts something on newgrounds that is supposed to have artistic value. That is their intentions i guess. And here we have 1.... one that barfs up everything that could be called artistic ... in stereotype.. Is there supposed to be some deeper meaning?!! Kissed by a blade and sliced by the Lips?! WTF!!? You can create something magnificent without making things so damn convoluted. BEfore i watched this, the name of the clip told me exactly how i would feel afterword. I have no motivation to give advice to you. This is a glorious attempt of making a bowl of mustard and crap! if there was a message conveyed here, it was that "everyone involved with this edifice i built on newgrounds, has wasted their time, and in turn, died a little inside." Get this crap out of here. And before somebody accuses me of promoting low brow, idiotic skits and cock jokes. Let it be known. I am. ... because of CRAP like "Diary of a Lonely Butterfly." Go make your own website glenbw, and call it "NewCrap" . it will be your Kitty box. And you can fill it with whimsical Kitty Litter, and then blast a crap on it. You have thoroughly Ruined my Sunday Evening. Congrats. Here is a 5/10 for an excellent job of doing so.