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This is a quickie so don't be surprised
but I AM making a series about this character and just thought it would be nice to do this
beforehand to get a feeling of everything



Dude that was really funny, the best thing was when that guy at the left cried. Can't wait to see more of this!

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Nice showcase of work!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

This was a pretty decent showcase of work. I have no complaints over the animation or the graphics. You are a pretty good animator and have potential to make great work. I think something that could have made this a tad bit better would have been a detailed background instead of the simple colored background.

~ Story/Content ~

Like I said before a nice showcase of work. I hope to see the series that you use these characters hit the portal soon. Not really much more to comment about content wise since you were making this for the purpose of getting a feel for it and everything. What kind of series do you plan on making?

~ Audio ~

The voice was a little hard to understand, which is very understandable because of it being a robot voice and everything. I like the fact that you included subtitles! That makes it so much better to enjoy throughout the animation just in case you didn't understand something that was said.

~ Overall ~

I can't really give it a high score because of what it is, just a quickie, but I do think that if you continue your work you can create a successful series. Keep it up.

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holyforks responds:

wow...what a detailed review. couldn't ask for more. thanks

Good Flow-curious

Good intro. Can't wait to see the actual episodes because this looks different from other animations.

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Say wha....

Erm. The animation flowed wel... :)

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that was totally messed up

holyforks responds:

...in a good way?

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2.96 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2009
5:08 PM EDT
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