story of our Prophet Noah

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Flash surprised why the whole Arab Language
If you want to know who Noah is read by the present Peace

Noah figure mentioned in the holy books of the followers of Judaism and Christianity and Islam, in addition to the mentioned figure similar to the myths of Noah Mesopotamia. According to the prevailing belief is that the religions of Noah was a real historical figure and the grandson of the ninth or tenth of Adam and that he was the father of mankind after the second and his surviving the great flood, according to religious beliefs and legends known as the Sumerian Zyoussodra, has destroyed all mankind except those who survived the to use the flood of boat known as a giant Noah's Ark.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the father of Noah Amik was this conviction that the name will be Noah finds human-inflicted punishment that the Creator of Adam and bulk connected to the case of humanitarian relief and the intermission [1].

There are also similar stories in ancient Greek mythology speaks of a person named by the rescue of his offspring Djokaleon and a group of animals from the flood by boat and there are legends of Ireland on the Queen sailed on a ship with a group for a period of 7 years to avoid drowning by the result of the flood with the Republic of Ireland [2].

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Well done..nice effort..


i really liked the flash animation

i think the rating is low because nobody understands what is going on

what it actually is: quraan phrases that are about our prophet noah and the ark he has done with all the animals in it

k007khalid responds:

Thank you for this comment


I really liked the animation and the plot. Although you could improve a bit.

||Good Points||

||Bad Points~What you could improve||
-You could improve the graphics, making some shades in the characters and making it atleasr 24 frames per second (FPS)
-The voices. Don't scream, it just destroys the sound, you also talked way too fast and I'm brazilian, so I couldn't understand nothing at all.

Keep up the good work! Good luck with your next entries.

Excuse me, what did you just say?

I didn't understand one what was sung. Maybe you should have english text as well. Most of the people on NG talks english.

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Jun 2, 2009
11:14 AM EDT
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