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Right. This is some stuff i put together. I'm practicing some different styles, working out some storylines in my head. I plan to make an animated film this summer with some friends. Don't expect a storyline just yet, but if you could comment on style or where I could improve? my first submission.

oh my friend nick jesson made the music.

lemme know what you think.

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only an 8

i only gave you an 8 because well it was just a scrapbook really.

if i had to give you an idea of wat i liked. the pencil drawn ones with block colours in the bakground. its just different. the arrows helped with it i thought they were a good idea.
seen youre other animation and like the pencil in that. could of had colour

:D :D

I thought it was good. Storylines are not always necessary in animation, as long is it has artistic value to a point, which I could see in this. :] The animation is the only problem I could notice. I can see that you have talent with art. You draw very well. When you animate. It may be your style, but I think you should slow it down and add more frames. As for animation itself, you should try to pay attention in your head, think about how something would move in real life. One foot is always in front of the torso, and one is always in the back, then they meet up for a very short moment, and switch.

An Experimental Flash

What you really wanted to achieve in this flash was to simply experiment on the different animation and drawing styles/forms, from funny to serious, detailed to minimal, colored to just using two or three colors. I understand why so few of the users here review this kind of stuff: it's simply an experimental, a flash where anything can happen, and where it appears surrealistic. Not many like those kinds of stuff, and most prefer a storyline behind the works, and this seemed more like a collection of drawings put together done by the animator over time.

I found this flash unexpected; something purely random, but not necessarily pointless. Plus I like your kind of animation, simple yet rough, almost crudely done (at least in most parts), and it has that potential to improve.

All there's left to do is to practice and add a storyline to your future submissions. This is a great effort coming from you, so continue what you love to do. Looking forward to your future entries!

very surreal

i like what the animation is going for, and i see a budding style here. but what mostly needed work was the presentation i guess. this is a really good effort and some really good looking stuff in it

beccahyman responds:

thanks a lot for the praise and advice, i just uploaded a new submission with an actual storyline and tried to develop one of the styles i was practising here, wouldn't mind if you took a look to comment on development?

Not my kind of animation but ir ok..ES!!

Figure it needs more work......ES!!!

beccahyman responds:

where did you think it needs more work? was there a style that worked better than another or not at all? i know often people want something with a storyline, i'll try and get something like that up soon. thanks for the review .!

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2009
10:42 AM EDT

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