I say, dear chap

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Author Comments

hi newgrounds

i've always wanted to do something like this but could never figure out how

anyway, enjoy

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I liked it.

This was quite good & humorous with the two guys speaking in old school english terms so the script was really good & funny plus the end was especially funny,this was a solid flash short that i liked very much.

FreekC responds:

i like your name


That was freakin' amazing, bud.
Keep up the good work.

5 outta 5.. FO SHIZZLE :D


my grandads name was farquar! and its french. :D:D:D congrats on the tea and crumpets old bean. did you per chance see that Badmington game during brunch last week? oh it was spiffingly marvelouss.... i am out of stereotypes now. but you can keep em coming! :D:D:D

FreekC responds:


Well said.

Jolly good show. I do say this animate moving pictures was sure splendid. The logo was spot on my boy. People who draw dicks and tanks. if you aren't drawing those you are not a valuable member of the newgrounds community. Nice zingers, expect it could have been better when that one chap hit the other guy it look like nothing bloody happened. I forgot their names already Winston or Reginald.

FreekC responds:


and yeah i really screwed up the character design they just ended up being semicircle pillars with heads so the hit didnt look so great. i need to work on that

thx for the review

You just got on my fav's.

Hey we all love a simple joke. What you did here was brilliant. The simple characters, the old screen FX, the jazzy music, the funny jokes-kind of old, but I didn't expect him to say homosexual. Freakin' hilarious menu-lol... except I don't draw scrotums, thats for the homies. (no offense to all). Dialogue was readable, and time was perfect. I HA'd out loud when the guy on the left smacked Winston.

All my 10 belong here-GJ.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

May 30, 2009
11:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Original