How To Stop a Nightmare

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Please understand the symbolism of the animation is; it is choppy like that as if a real dream... the audio cuts out on purpose for atmosphere... it jumps to different styles of animation for Dream feeling purposes... This only applies to the art and the sound, not plot

*But please there shouldn't be more then 5 seconds of audio down time, if so Please lower the quality just a bit.*

I got a questions for those who watch. At the very end when he thinks of something else... Why is he plain white and everything else is in color? I am hinting there is something more to the flash...

Tetra Arsenic RMX

Ghosts of the past
CJ (Darknez101)

The struggle of a man against his nightmare

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Hard topic.

It is definitely a difficult topic to animate and i rekon you did fantastic. My only two problems were the generic big mouth and eyes, and some of the animating could've looked better.

Tekno's Opinion

Why on earth a metal remix of the Tetris song as main theme??? It doesn't even fit =/
If you would have used a more enigmatic music and a slower pace action it would result in an awesome animation
I'm sorry if I sound a little rude, it's not my intention, but it's such a pity... I see a good potential here.

Awesome ! Great Graphic and amusing storyline Keep

Music selection could have been stronger and a Bit More Metal But hey maybe thats just me!

it is

and the way to stop night mares is wake the hell up or beat the out of it


coupled with some decent graphics and storyline this is on good submission. The only problem is that it isn't anything new and therefore can't offer a full score.