12th Arcana - Hanged Man

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This is my first submitted flash, and though it's nothing much, really, it was the first movie i've seriously worked on. Since i'm not that much of a drawing artist, i had to spend quite a lot of time to make this little character: 1-Human Like

So, this is myself as the 12th Arcanna of the Tarot de Marseille, the Hanged Man.
Also, first part of my series representing people i know with Tarot Arcannas.

I have done some other work, movies, and improved a little since this first shot, but i have a personal affection for this one, so i figured, why not posting it?
(And, also...all the sounds are handmade, literally. The squeaking of the rope is done with a leather glove.)



I like that animation ^_^

Overall: Fair

- Good drawing skills
- Sound well incorporated
- Too short, too simple

This would be great for the title page of your website (if you get one)

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Ramber responds:

Well...actually, i'm not really good at drawing...it took me much longer than expecting, but i'm glad you found it nice.
And for the website, well...I will make one when i know how!
KTHKS for the review, and the encouragement.


nice loop man, i like the style and quality of the flash i will ten all this although i appreciate the hand made sounds i dont feel myself that it fits the wind is fine though.

Ramber responds:

Yeah, well, the wind is done by mouth!
I know i could have found something closer to the squeaking of the rope, but i was lazy in the end, and all i could find in my gigantic mansion in the woods was the pair of leather gloves i buried my farnsworth with.
Thanks for the encouragement anyway, it's much appreciated.

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2.57 / 5.00

May 29, 2009
2:17 AM EDT
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