Asphodel's 2: Arrive

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The second installment of your favourite undead trio.

They've been awakened by a mysterious call... And a terrible thirst! Cram a bunch of zombies into an underworld dive with nothing between their ears and too much time on their hands... Bring it on!

Thanks to my boys Ian Silvia and Nate Carrol, whose talents extend light years beyond mere beer-soaked vocal brilliance!

ATTENTION A.D.D. SUFFERERS! This movie is over six minutes long, so unless you can hold your pee and your attention might I suggest you think twice before playing?

Enjoy... if you can.

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Random, funny, and fun to watch. The highly contrasted sharp visuals are the first things I noticed, it really matches the style of your genre well, The characters were great too, the skeleton had me laughing. Great voicework, and an all around good job. Sorry it took me so long to stop by and review this but I haven't been on Newgrounds in a couple weeks or so, things really look different here. Anyway great job, and please PM me whenever you realease more animations.

DeweyGland responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! Yeah it was a lot of work and it seems to have come together nicely. And thankfully you and others find it funny; if all else fails, leave them laughing.

I will definitely PM you with my next work.

Zombies in a bar, what's not to like?

I suppose it helps to see the first installment, but it's not necessary...anyhoo.

Any short animation that manages to cram into around five minutes: a decapitated, cleaver-wielding housewife, copious drinking, belching, cool music, a kick to the balls, vomiting, a mono-syllabic barbarian bartender, a brain-seeking redneck and a disembodied brain seeking to avenge its abandonment is OK in my book.

Can't wait to see the next one..."Acquaintance?" Wherein the charismatic trio engage in some undead bonding?

Nicely done, sir.

DeweyGland responds:

I was thinking something more along the lines of "Open Mike Night".

Need a rawking screeching blasphemous tune.

Now where could I get my hands on something like that...


Aww I loved this! It was really quirky and I still love your animation style a lot! :D
I can't wait for more!

DeweyGland responds:

Thanks, that means a lot. I try to bring the quirk to a sad planet. Tough job, but you know... I'll drop you a line for the next one.

Good entertainment

I liked your description not to mention the stylistic animation. Thanks for giving me the message to see it! I also admit a lot of the gags were done well.

DeweyGland responds:

Thanks, I knew you'd like it. Goofy gags is what I do.

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2.52 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
5:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Original