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LL- Drugs r gud

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The locklegion experiments with refined happiness! Happy Lockday 09!

Enjoy the Lockday 09 collab Featuring parts by

Leaf Lock, Mp3 Lock, Quince Lock, Wine Lock, Rammstein Lock, Lemming Lock, Turd Lock and Chadsweb


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This was a great Lock Legion collab,having the concept of it having the Locks on drugs in various ways was hilarous and very tripped out too which is to be expected,the animation was very good as well and overall i enjoyed this Lock collab very much.

(title in work)

Another great collab. I quite enjoyed most of the parts, as their sudden graphical changes were quite funny. Music used throughout was pretty good and went well with all the drug use. The only thing I don't like is most of the stories covered basically the same storyline, and most of the locks seemed not to have great experiences with their drugs.

i usually dont like crew flashes but this is cool

right click and and click back and the piece of the flash that your on will go into an endless loop


This was a pretty insane pretty funny collab.
Although not all parts were good I laughed quite a bit while watching this.
It was probably the best Lock Legion Collab I've seen in a while.
Great Work on this you guys it was pretty good!

drug trip

lol pendullum is the perfect song for adrug trip, very creepy animation good job tho