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LL - Lock Legion Shorts 3

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Happy Lock Day! Happy 4th place!

I can guarantee to you now that this flash isn't nearly as fucking huge as my last Lock Day flash, but it shouldn't suck too much. I included a character bio section for those who are feeling left out of the inside jokes, so everyone can be happy! I also didn't do menu music, since it's a waste of file space.

Also I managed to finish a flash without Flash bugging out on me sound-wise. A Lock Day miracle!


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MasterLock responds:


You and Peace live near each other?

Wow that I did not know...Then again I don't know anything that goes on the fourms these days or even the LL for that matter. I just watch and enjoy the movies the LL puts out.

That said keep it up!

MasterLock responds:

Thanks! I probably won't!

that ugly troll

whine needs to stop breathing your air

MasterLock responds:



lol i love the one lock shaped like the Ramstien symbol... their a sweet band, one of my fave's

MasterLock responds:

Haha yeah, they're swell.


how do you do that animation style, and where do you get that voice modifyer program?
Great flash

MasterLock responds:

Dunno, I guess I just developed my own art style over time. The voice program is called Speakonia.