Ghost Train

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Author Comments

I thought I would try to put something to my recent audio submission, "Ghost Train -- Mix" and this is the fruits of my labor. Nothing much, but it shows some effort, I think. Enjoy.

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wow.....that was horrible, epic fail

SilentCobra responds:

Yea, I know. I halfway expected these kinds of reviews within the first couple of weeks. Oddly enough, I was wrong.

Definately needs improvement.

All I could see in this flash was that you've mastered inserting decent music into the flash and tweening. It just seems like a lost cause without having any plot or characters. The repetition is boring and make the viewr immediately lose interest. Definately not showing much skill here with flash, but it means you can improve.

Simply put more effort into a flash. Add a background and characters, create a storyline, it will all come together nicely. I'd be glad to help with it if you wish. THis definately isn't the worst flash I've seen, and I'm almost positive that you can improve from this. Keep up the great work!

SilentCobra responds:

Cool, thanks for the offer, I'll take you up on that, but I have prior commitments in the EGB. Get AIM and we'll talk about this later I hope? Anyway, as I stated, this is my first actual flash animation, made in flash. I do hope to improve, though this is not a career choice, this is all merely a hobby.


Although the animation is lacking, to say the least, i quite like the audio so 4 for you
if you need help with flash, just ask

Even though mine arent very good but i have attention defesit dissorder so.... yeah

SilentCobra responds:

Sure, if you'll read my response to 10151time, I wouldn't mind some help. That'd be awesome. Also, I too have ADD/ADHD(simply put, I have Asperger's Syndrome)

Good Music Work On Video

Well what I liked most was the effort you put into the Audio mix. The video definitly needs some time to be worked on (No offense).

Work on a remake, put your best effort into it, this could end up being a pretty good movie.

SilentCobra responds:

Thanks man, I am trying to get my creative juices flowing in my head. If you'll read my response to 10151time, you'll see what exactly it is I am aiming for in the remake.


I'll admit, the song is great. This video needs about a few months.

First, it's a yellow hexagon in the upper left that just stays there. Second, the train tracks look horrible. Third, there's no movement to the train, just copy, paste, snapshot, repeat. I like the song but please work on the video. If you want an actual Ghost Train, I'd probably respect it more if it wasn't made in ten minutes. As it stands, this really is only token effort to promote an otherwise good song.

SilentCobra responds:

Well considering this is the second full animation I did in flash, and was able to be somewhat original, I think it turned out ok. Also, that's not a hexagon, it's a pentagon that I was trying to get to be the moon, because I tried to tween circles, but was having difficulty with them.

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0.64 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
10:49 PM EDT
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