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Summer Mario Bros

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This is something really random that I made for waiting for summer. This will be the last movie that I will make for a moment, I am not leaving flash but I will work on some flash games meanwhile.

This movie features for my first time homemade voice acting, I know that it sounds bad but my microphone really sucks. Anyway, I tried to make a short and random movie like Mario's hammer and I hope you will like it.

If you don't understand the last joke just watch Mario's hammer.


I also had to agree that it wasnt M rated but man THIS WAS AWESHUM

Very funny, I loved when Luigi was running into and away from the beach repeatedly when the sea waves were coming and going. Plus the part where Mario whacks Luigi with his mallet instead of helping him out of the sand. I don't get why this was rated M though. This was more of a Teen movie in my eyes, because there wasn't any intense violence or language, and the part where Luigi's trunks came off was well censored and not close to being exposed.

Player-exe responds:


For the mature rating, I decided to change it to Teen. At the time I was not sure how people would react with the scene so I took no chance and gave it a M rating as it was less dangerous to give it an higher rating instead of a lower one.

hahahahahahahhaa funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was really funny!

Great animation! The humor was awesome!

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i watch and saw yoshi's egg glich
the hammer did'nt move

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3.73 / 5.00

May 25, 2009
6:34 AM EDT
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