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Squares -simple as that-

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So I have been working on this for about 3-4 months and I really hope you like it.

music is:
old butcher by arnes
credit music is by my dad

Matt(mattster) made that menu! very good show matt!

enjoy! review! vote!

ALSO! I will respond to all reviews! and It wont jsut be "lololz thx for teh review luilz"

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I've never seen Squares move so "Smoothly" - LOL

It was watching a geometry assignment having a jazz party.

Nothing but perplexing beats of jazzy feats.

An the squares proving that they 'ain't no squares' when it comes to shaking their 'edges'.


It was original, fun to watch, and synched with the music.
Brilliant really.
I mean it was only squares!
And yet I enjoyed every single seconds.
Looking forward to your stuff!
-1 because it was just a bit too repetitive.


realy cool but this is the...least best part...i like the rolling one the most...and the stuff and and xD


I like squares. 10/10, 5/5.

farfenwaffle responds:

Thank you! squares are for squares. :P

Simply perplexing.

It's nice how you took such a simple concept as squares and treansformed it abstractly into a cool music video. My favorite part was in the middle when you made the squares follow the slow beat of the song, it looked extremely cool. The songs you chose were perfect for the flash, it made this music video worthwhile. This was well worth the four months you took to create it, I'm just disappointed great work like this didn't win any awards.

I took a point off because the flash got very repetitive near the end, even if the flash was simply about squares. I did like the end how the squares slowly fell off the screen like they were hanging on a nail about to break, I thought tha twas creative. Just curious, what do you mean by credit audio is by my dad? Is that your dad in the song? If so, that is ridiculously awesome, I wish my dad would help with that kind of stuff. Anyway, keep up the great work!

farfenwaffle responds:

Haha, my dad kicks some SERIOUS ass. I can really understand how you think it could get repetitive. I mean, shapes with four sides for almost two whole minutes? BORING! I am so glad you appreciated it.