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A birthday to forget

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This movie is based on a Comic strip i did a few years back.
I decided to take my web-comic to the next step and make my favorite strips in to flash movies.
We even did the voices ourselves! And with an exotic Swedish accent!

We have a webpage!

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I thought it was great.

We have a very similar art style you and I. Anywho I dunno what everyone is saying, about the voice work sucking, sounded fine to me. I thought it was funny enough and generally well animated. I didn't even have to see a dick and that's always a plus lol. Also I liked the black and white theme, it seemed fitting.

eh good direction

i kno wat ur trying to do but the only thing holding it back is
the voices sound as if they were read off a piece of paper,
the faces looked kinda dull


It was very good animation and art and it has so much potential

I'm not saying that the humor was absolutely terrible, I mean, you make better humor than I can ever dream of but I think it would be good if you expanded it a bit, like take it a bit farther from this point. This was actually pretty sad and funny at the same time. Ha ha.

Like I said before, just try to work on putting the whole thing through. You got the art down and just with a little more humor and a longer video, you'll be good to go.

Has potential

The animation is really nice but these really aren't funny. You really need to work on your humour and timing if you're going to keep your animations this short. Still a nice looking clip overall.


that's sad... HAHA!!!!!!!