Little Tiffy

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The flash was created for a School project.
It is about a strange monster that reveals itself from the sewers and finds himself standing in front of a house. The person inside is is unaware of the danger that stands outside his front door.

made this a short while ago. hope you like it.

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amazing !!!

haha yeah well i've seen this so many times now i know it off by heart, still very good though . whens the next one. I forgot to mention I love the end credits and the music on the zelda one !!!


this was good, but your other submissions were better. it also would have been cool to have shoop-da-woop reference. i hope you know what im talking about.

Maniter - LOL!!!

Nice style of animation and graphic, but story line is kinda odd - very unobviously.
Sorry - only 8/10 ^_^


Sick my god I felt so much pain in my stomach from watching this very horrible and extremly disturbing I give credit only for very little effort for art animation try next time not to make something so disturbing my stomach is still hurting


another, hmm ok then entry, kind of reminds me of the little kid that gets obsessed with salad fingers, that whimpering sound the kid makes after pushing the doorbell, sounds very much like the sound link has in zelda ocarina of time when having the bad dream in the opening sequence. This short could go in one of two directions(imho): a quick sharp scare (which I think it failed to do) or to add some pre-amble to what seems like a finish, build up the sense of threat with some background detail with the child/creature, music helps, but can often be cheesy, a trick adam philips used on his monster cartoon was to have a news report playing very quietly so users would turn up their volume to hear what was being said, then BAM the thing smashes through the window and grabs the guy. There is potential here, it just needs to be refined and expanded.

jamiedude responds:

yeah i was hopeing to start a series on this, or something like that.

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3.12 / 5.00

May 23, 2009
11:17 AM EDT
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