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Battalion: Skirmish

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Take control of the epic Warmachine in the latest Battalion chapter. Crush your enemies! Battalion: Skirmish is a 1-level preview of Battalion's improved graphics and game engine, which you will see featured in upcoming multiplayer and single-player Battalion titles this summer! In this turn-based combat strategy game, you must prevent the Warmachine, the new backbone of the Northern Federation forces, from falling into the hands of the traitor General Mullen. The Akadians are coming. Without the Warmachine, your armies will be powerless to stop them.

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Fun game here

And here was a fun game I did think that this could have been better graphics are decent but could be spruced up a tad maybe little details that could really make them better the gameplay was magnificent and the style was fun the idea of this game was pretty good maybe not original but still great stuff but anyways a good game indeed and quite magnificent

Some improved graphics just a bit



Graphic : 9/10
Sounds : 9/10
Gameplay : 9/10
Great Game , but i give 7 star cuz is not a original idea , infact it's the copy of Advance wars for Gameboy advance/ NDS.

u all fail (mostly)

why do people care about graphics?it pisses me off o,e like really...most people dont play old games beacuase of graphics.STOP BEIN A WHINY BITCH AND ENJOY YOU AMERICAN >:|.
10/10 cuz ur cool with me these casual gamers need to gtfo -,-


the graphics were allot better in the previous battalions and the characters dont look like they used to.


Only issue I have is that I feel the previous graphics were better. Feels way too much like an old gameboy game

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4.27 / 5.00

May 22, 2009
11:14 PM EDT