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[KK]Japanese Porno Collab

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Author Comments

Fuck you shithead

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1. I don't understand anything.
2.The cat should be sexy,or doing something fun.
3.Is all what you can do,or just try to to do something to waste time?
4.Take my advice,I am not a real animator,for otherwise I would go and work as one,but even so I give my best.You should do the same(did you know that I work on my own?).

I pity you....

Newgrounds....everything by everyone as they say....when tom fulp founded newgrounds.com the soul purpose he made it for was to spread the creativity of society everywhere.As you know you have made lots of ridiculous things in the past...yet the only reason you werent erased from the face of this website is because admin doesnt want to waste their time with something as worthless as you.And to make my point this website was made for creativity and you have none of that...and because of that you fill your video with immature acquisitions like random cats doing who knows what...complete with racism.And please i would like to see your response to this review just so i can prove just how ungrown you are....have a good day..and i hope your happy with what you have done.......a mind is a terrible thing to waste

YiffyKitty responds:

you = pathetic faggot

We did good :D

The menu is pretty bland, and this should've been submitted a LONG time ago, but we did well overall. My part's the best :p

YiffyKitty responds:

lol sorry br0

... um...

Was this supposed to be bad? Was this supposed to be funny? Was this supposed to be entertaining? Was this just supposed to be a joke? Whatever it was meant to be, I think I speak for all that is decent when I say that this flash was awful.

YiffyKitty responds:

Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker, you don't know shit, I hope you fucking get raped, you pathetic shithead, fuck you.


I got stuck on the ching screen for a few seconds. Hella more entertaining than what i was doing.

YiffyKitty responds:

chewey made that part

Credits & Info

2.39 / 5.00

May 22, 2009
8:25 PM EDT

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