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Street fighter short

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Author Comments

most part rejected the collab: <

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It's a pity this was rejected from the collab. It would have worked better as part of it. Instead, it's good but not enough. This seems fine enough but not as a part of something great. It is pretty original. I notice Ken in the background.

That's Ken, right? Soda machines can be frustrating. This was fairly entertaining. It's fine for a quick gag. That's what most of these shorts were.

Literally me every time that happens

Last time I had ever seen a soda being 25cents was a RC cola machine at Walmart 14 years ago. Damn that Ryu is so evil he made me feel old. LOL I agree with a previous commenter, helicopter Ken was a hilarious bonus. XD The sound and animation, as well as script were all funny and entertaining. Well done.

This solves everybody's problem with that damn machine!

HAHA when does a soda cost 25 cents damn u evil ryu HAHA