random madness loop

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well, it is a little madness loop. it is really just a character test for a WIP project. cuddles the clown. yeah, i know. in the miniseries i am doing that cuddle sis the antagonist in, he often waers a smiley face mask. i don't know why i'm typing this.

anyway, enjoy! (i hope)

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it just looks like another Rip from the realm maddness. if u want it to be better than add more stuff cause its just funny (thats y it got a 9) :) See yah later Ky.....wait cant say your name LOL BYE :P


Well, better than most of the first flash stuff I see on newgrounds.
Sometimes the text dissappears very fast, and I can't really read what's being said...


I watched for the second time with the music on and well it made it funnier.

I like the animation ( loads better than what I could do ) but the words really went by too fast. Over all though, it was great

Funny, has something...

missing, a replay button! When it was over, I thought that the guy was just being retarded and saying all that crap again! Cuddles and whoever the dude was had good animation, good music, and blood (on Cuddles) so 8/10 3/5!

darthmarus responds:

well, it wouldn't be much of a loop if it had a replay button. i was actualy going to make a button that would play an end to it, but i had a major code problem (actionscript 3 confoozles me, 2 makes much more sense.)

Too fast

It was funny but the words went by way to fast. 4/5 9/10

darthmarus responds:

hmm.... i could just drop the frame rate a tiny mit, it is too fast anyway....

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4.07 / 5.00

May 21, 2009
9:06 PM EDT
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