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Of Angels and Men Ep1 Pt1

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This will ONLY make sense if you watch the INTRO first! It's my only other submission, PLEEEASE watch first so that your brain doesn't melt into a puddle of confusion!! It's only about 320k and looks real crappy, but it makes things make sense.

Hi again, folks!

Please submit this to the 'serious shorts' collection. I hope to get my own series later, but if not, I want my only child to be sorted SOMEWHERE!!

Here's the first part of 'Of Angels and Men: Episode 1'.

This bit contains mainly story and character development elements, whereas part 2 will contain an epic sword fight and not much else ;D

My skills have improved a tangible amount since I submitted the prologue, and I'm hoping for at least a 3 on this, but your opinion is your own. If you think it sucks, vote zero. It's what you think. Though, if you do vote low, please tell me what I could improve.

Since there aren't names hovering above the characters, I'll give them to you here.

The guy in the hat is known as Red; he's a feared assassin.
The guy with the cigar is known as Boss; he's the head of a huge and profitable mafia network.
The Angel who got shot down is named Kim. Or Kimberly, but she likes Kim more.

More characters will appear in Part 2.



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Nice One

It was really good. Love the idea. It was a little mysterious, and I love the play on words with Of Mice and Men. Is it going to be related somehow, or did I just miss the connection?

Anyways, good work.


The graphics could of done better, but other than that, I like it!

Mogget128723 responds:

Well, ya gotta admit, it looked better than the prologue. Thanks for the high score!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

I like the little glowing cigarette. hahaha. :D

Mogget128723 responds:

I know. I added that to give Boss some major character, and it worked ;P

pretty darn good

its a pretty good flash with a nicely going storyline and nice animations but the only problem i have is that dialogue is missing and has been replaced by text. you can sometimes miss something. ut overall its a pretty good flash

Mogget128723 responds:

Oh, man... I WISH I could do real voice acting. Both the microphones under my command are CRAAAAAP. The one built into my laptop isn't even worth mentioning, and the other one I rescued from a dumpster >_<

I'm going to try to recruit real actors with good mikes if this gets a bit bigger (like more views, more votes etc...)

I'm glad you liked it, even with out real voices 0.0

4 me....

just a bit to much text with out enough animation...i am still looking forward to seeing where this story goes....keep it up.

Mogget128723 responds:

I was forced to make a decision when I laid out the plans here. There were going to be two parts. Either, I divide the thing up into two coherent chunks, the first containing story and other info that will make sense later, and the second containing the action. My other option was to have an even mix. I settled on the first, which is why there's not much in the way of motion.

I tried to make talking heads as interesting as possible, though!

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

May 20, 2009
10:49 PM EDT