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Death by a cappella

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This ~two minute animation was inspired by and built around a song by SallyMusic over on sheezy art (http://sallymusic.sheezyart.com/). At my asking she kindly allowed me to create an animation for the song, and here it is, my first animation in god knows how long, and it feels good to finally have something to upload again.

The animation's timing and much of what happens is directly influenced by the lyrics of the grim and delightful song, and I tried to maintain a cute, cartoon feel with underlying darkness for the animation. I think I pulled it off and hope you all enjoy the end product.

If you like the song you should definately check out Sally's gallery, which I wrote the url to above, or you can use the link on the left, or on the menu.

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Well of course I love this! I don't know a lot about animation, but to me the transitions are all very smooth, and the timing is all spot on with the music. I particularly like the little subtle movements and expressions like the one that goes with the lyric "If you're feeling all alone". I also like his short lived joy at seeing the button appear before he is sent plummeting back down to earth again. I think you did an amazing job with this, thank you and well done!


Sweet toon, sweet tune.

Not what I thought but still wonderful.

When I read the title I mistook it, thinking it would be a flash of someone being killed by a cappella lol. The song and flash were still very good though.


Surely, it deserves more than 9th place. At least 5th.


i like the style of animation but it was pointless and there was no story

2ndself responds:

Of course not no...no point, no story, i agree. Certainly the most pointless thing on newgrounds this is...

...wait did you even watch the damn thing?