Good Soup

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Satan and Lee Harvey Oswald have a conversation about soup.



I thought it was a little on the short side. The joke is used often and most recently was on family guy, but it's an idea not a stolen animation. All in all the animation was pretty smooth and really the only thing that you could do to make this a lot better is build on the idea and make something a bit longer. Granted, that takes a lot more time with all the script writing, but usually ends up making things more enjoyable, depending on which way you take things and the audience you are aiming for. Good work.

SnaxToons responds:

i don't watch family guy, it fucking sucks. wasn't aware of this being an incidental reference


err yes just crap....dont look..wast of your life!

SnaxToons responds:

err yes

"You're fired"

Family guy parralel aside, this sucks, it was poorly drawn, and you need better material

SnaxToons responds:

fired from what

Family Guy

I don't have a problem with quoting tv shows, but I do have a problem when you base the whole of a crappily animated 20 second short on that joke. Write something original.

SnaxToons responds:

i don't watch or enjoy family guy

are you fucking kidding me

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May 19, 2009
8:40 PM EDT
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