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This is the first thing I've ever animated! (not counting the bouncing ball project my junior year of HS) I know its not smooth, and so many things could be better, but I'm learning! Sorry its not long, its part of an animation that would be a tiny bit longer if I knew how to put them together...

I figured out what I was doing wrong when publishing, so I now have sound!

Also, if anyone knows a way to put 3 different flash movies together with different fps into one, I'd LOVE to know how to do this. This clip is in 15 fps, but the other half of the animation is in 24 fps... I'd hate to have to redo it all...

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Getting there...

BTW, if you don't want the sound to loop, add a keyframe after the end of the sound and add the actionscript code:


Which will, as you guessed, stop all sound in that layer.

Good first effort!

noesis9812 responds:

sweet! thanks! I'll go put that in right now


Smooth and resourceful. It's good that they're different color, and you paid attention to small details like sparks and those "woosh"-things. So, decent job for a first, I liked it.

How did you mean the sound thing? Create a layer only for the sound (just like when dealing with actionscript) then it's easy to manage.

noesis9812 responds:

well, the animation actually has sound when I bring it up in Flash, but I don't know how to export it with sound. Is it something incredibly easy that I'm just missing?

Good Job!!!

I'm a flash noob too, and your first animation owns mine! Normally I wouldn't give something a ten but its an amazing start. How long did it take you?

noesis9812 responds:

3 days... hahaha

Amazing fer a noob

Amazingly well made, if this is your first, though I don't think so (take that as a compliment!). Nice job and you can always look in the Flash tutorials collection to figure out sound. BTW sticks are awesome!

noesis9812 responds:

hahaha, this was my first, no lie! and yeah sticks ARE awesome! Its like seeing ancient cave drawings come to life!


Normally I don't approve of testing submissions on NG, but this one if very good. Becuase this is a test its ok to not have sound, but idk what you are talking about because it was pretty smooth to me. interesting things that i saw is you put in the blur effects with the weapons which was good for a first animation.
10/10:::You have done enough testing its time to work on an actual project. make sure you can get a newer version of your programming and fix your audio for the real deal. truth be told I am overly excited to see what you first full project will be! GL!

noesis9812 responds:

thanks! Yeah, I didn't really want to post a test on here... but I was just so eager for someone to see it! haha. When I learn how I am going to put my "tests" together, add backgrounds and repost as a final.

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May 18, 2009
7:13 PM EDT