Madness Short-Burst

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Second animation.

Made this for a collab with a few people, it was disbanded but I decided to upload my part anyway to see what anyone thinks.

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Yes, it's short

Since it was for a collab i understand. Sorry to here it was canceld, i'm glad you still put yours up. Gave me the krinkle smile *U*

Hooray for madness!

Eh. Not that much here.

The animation was rather clunky. Part of what I like about well-made Madness videos is the fact that the animation tends to be rather smooth.

This movie also seemed to ignore the power of Jesus and the Clown in the Madness universe. I mean, really? Just point and shoot? This video would also become a good deal more interesting if JatC were able to use their abilities.

However, the timing in this video was pretty well-done. The sound effects and actions seemed to line up pretty well. The music also fit the mood of this movie to a tee.

Have a great day! }:3

ExiledSoldier responds:

I am offended you think the animation was 'clunky'. Alright it may not have had the most fluid movement - but 'clunky'? Meh. The main point of it was that the protagonist kept switching characters and none of this rubbish where Tricky and Jebus are immune - He got shot in the face - face it - people die when they get shot in the face.

really cool

I thought this was very good and i liked the krinkels styled animation :D


well it was great for a Madness short, but you don't kill Clown, CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

A very good sign of things to come.

You have potential, no doubt about that. But you need to work on backgrounds, and of course, length. Just keep trying at it.

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4.00 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
6:54 PM EDT
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