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In this movie, I've synced the animation to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". This is a movie about the creation of the universe, and the minutes after "The Big Bang" (in an artistic way, not fact-based)...

I hope you like it. Vote/review if you want (I'll respond to every review), but watch the whole movie first :)

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*Sorry for late review, life and stuff you know..*

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Very good graphics. Very simple/slow animation, which fit the theme of your flash very well. Great colors used and good backgrounds. I liked the simplicity of it.

~ Story/Content ~

Very relaxing and let's the mind wonder off. I liked how slow the scenes were because it just seemed to fit with how relaxing and calm the entire submission was. Good length to the submission and everything else.

~ Audio ~

Music was well chosen. Nothing really to comment about here. Can't really criticize Beethoven's music now can I? :P Music went along great with the animation though.

~ Overall ~

A nice submission to just sit down and relax to. Very simple, but enjoyable. Good work all around.

~ Review Request Club ~

Assios responds:

Thanks for a good review :D

good old beef oven!

Tasteful sir, very tasteful. I liked it a lot :)

Assios responds:

Thanks ^^ Glad you liked it

Very Polished. Loved every second of it!

I love how this animation of yours flows so swiftly, the song fitted so well to it as well. This is why I love to come to Newgrounds, not only to see Flash Animations, but to see pure works of art. I congratulate you.

Art = 8
Animation (How the Flash Flowed = 9
Music = 9
Plot of the Animation = 9
Artists View Expressed in Piece = 10.
Overall score: 9 / 10

I hope to see more of your art / animation in the future. This really made me think, which is something not many animations can do these days with all the cock-jokes and the emphases on comedy and the such.

- Ryan Shah, [[Also Known as: (Ryuuzaki Bjorn) (Raz183) (infestedDemon) ]]

Assios responds:

Thanks for a great review! :D


This was an interesting to animate. I thought you had some cool transitions at the beginning with the solar system and the ripple effect. The music was a nice fit for the flash. I thought Beethoven and his piano were drawn very well at the end.

Only thing I can think of is that the scrolling part may have been dragged out a little long, you could have possibly added some more interesting things during that part.

A good movie, nicely done.

~Review Request Club

Assios responds:

Thanks! :D

An interesting take

Calm, collected and a well devised take on the creation of the universe, or at least the immediate aftermath.

A great use of effects like soft-focus, which helps to aid the softness of the tune. I have to say that I think Moonlight Sonata is a wonderful tune for thus, as is the message that you are conveying with it.

The only real issue that I have is that the piece was sadly too short. Something else could have been added to bring the length of the animation up and give us something that at least lasts a little more of this great tune.

[Review Request Club]

Assios responds:

Thank you :)