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Nietzsche kills God

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Now you know why Friedrich Nietzsche could say 'God is dead'. Hope you like it.

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Das ist Ɯbermensch!

Like Monty Python and Serdo, I guess. lol

I know Nietzsche's quote for God being dead. But isn't he the founder of Nihilism, too? The philosophy where everything's pointless and without meaning.
-Hope he is, because I'd hate to sound like a dumb-ass over this. XD

Gay jew is kinda right.

But he did say "we have killed him."

This shit makes no sense... It's like Monty Python took a dump in on an easel.

The only things worthwhile was the turning Nietzschecopter...

other than that: BALEETED.

Serdo responds:

You'll see when you find, or viceversa. Forget about Monty Phyton, the're dead man. Merry Christmas for you too ^_^

great, hilarious & interesting

pretty neat content here sir, approaching to nietzsches ideas through the spectacular use of simbolisms and good timing of flash animation.

serious bussiness

PS: actually nietzsche didn't kill god but he said "us" humans did, through modernization science and the new culture, not that I agree with his idea at all.


that was sooo random and weird but i couldnt turn it off, i have no clue how you came up with this, but it was well done

Great style

The animation and style is smooth and well assembled. Decent story as well. Only complaint would be the pacing is a little slow in some parts.