Harry Potter Happenings

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Harry Potter, nothing else to say, however, one thing in each chapter is...different....>8) enjoy...
(note: two chapters are left out, the zoo chapter and the quidditch chapter because they were making the program shut down each time I ran them)


Needs better graphics

It needs better graphics, and the humor wasn't really my style.
But I must admit that the Hat eating the student was quite fun :b

i only rate this movie a ten cause......

It was random,, more random with me more funnyer

Funny, but recycled...

I thought it was okay, but the humor didn't seem to go anywhere beyond the same "blood and gore" bit you kept doing over and over. It always ended violently, and while thats alright, you got to admit you can make funny parodies to Harry Potter without having a random scene from the movie always take the same alternate ending: a violent one...

Not bad.

That was actually pretty good. The jokes were funny for the most part, and, while the drawings were aweful, their animation wasn't. You really need to fix that sound effect though. Is it supposed to be static? Whatever it is, it's annoying as hell. Still, good job.

PS: Dora is really creepy.

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2.90 / 5.00

May 14, 2009
1:12 AM EDT
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