Runescape Funny #7

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As usual: black screen for a minute, reload the movie. But I think I've got it fixed now.

Lil Smack and PKer Smack were a couple of friends I used to have on Runescape whom I knew in real life. They were wilderness-lovers and enjoyed PKing more then anything Runescape had to offer. Well, times had changed, and the wilderness became its own issue, so in commemoration to these players, I created a couple of silly drunk idiots and hosted them in a movie and a couple of audio talk-shows.

In this episode, "The Smack Team" go out to find out if 1 or 3 is a bigger number. Who to be better tutors of the Laws of Very-Small Numbers then Karl and Alex? Well, maybe Karl ...

As Karl and Alex are voiced, the same two voiced the Smacks. Try to guess who voiced who.

Cheers, y'all!

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loved it

can u make my character into your movies? my names nik3888.


That got so annoying but I was determined to keep watching till the end, which I did.
Voice acting was awesome, nice work :P

5'd and 10'd!

No no no no no NO! NOoOoO!

I'm sorry, the only animation was a black moving oval. And maybe a turn or two of a body. The voices were terrible. Very annoying, made me want to slam toothpicks into my ears really hard.

Work on your stuff. Get voice actors, or at least learn how to CUT DOWN THE MIC LEVEL.

I would almost call this spam. But it had a loose and very poor plot.

Please try harder.


I actually laughed out loud...

Also, if your comp can run it. There IS a high quality display mode for Runescape. Use that instead so it'll look pretty


Well...it was dumb as hell, but obviously that was planned. But like a horrific car accident I just couldn't bring myself to close it until the end screen. The sheer stupidity of it kept me watching thus you get a rating of 6 for actually creating something so insanely retarded I, a person that can usually just close random stupidity, couldn't close this. Congratulations.

P.S. I call dibs on the short one!

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May 13, 2009
10:04 PM EDT
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