A Coconut's World

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You will think it has some bad points, well thats my style of drawing too (on purpose), but it is my first flash. But if you watch till the very end you'll see that you like it.


Constructive criticism or what made you laugh would be nice.


it was ok

seeing as it's your first flash it makes sense, I liked it, it just need better art though. Nice job :D

I guess it's alright

The animation was smooth, the story was good, it had a funny ending with the door thing and the poke`mon reference.
But the artwork wasn't very good...
For that i give you a 4
this is your first flash so, I'll lighten up a bit. I have chosen to give you a 5


Without faulting your drawing, I felt the day in the life of a coconut was not very exciting.

The part where the sound "I have you now" was pointless, but amusing, got a small smile till the "team rocket" thing happened. Very disappointed thats how you did it. Mostly that area of the flash could have been expanded to be more funny at the least. My vote is based off that.

As far as the artwork, It could use some touch ups. Being it's your first flash, don't be daunted by bad reviews. Learn from them. Your art stile is not bad, but a better story would go miles towards an epic flash.

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zockman responds:

Well thank you that helps alot.

hi there

You did better than my first flash. Good job. But your art skills could use a lot of work. :)

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zockman responds:

Agreed thisis really for a school project

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May 13, 2009
8:08 PM EDT
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