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Careers In Chemistry

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"Careers In Chemistry" (NG-T002)
Written and Directed by Daran Carlin-Weber
Produced by Ixintro Animation Enterprises

Runtime: 4 Min

Yes this movie is supposed to be in Black-and-White!

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of the creation of Tywo At Large, here's a new episode! Also exactly 1 year after Episode #2 was released! Wowzers! :P

Follow Professor Hobsquable as he takes over the show for an episode to discuss careers in chemistry! Along with one of the most inappropriately conducted interviews on record.

++Yes, Tywo is outraged that he doesn't appear in this episode.++

This episode was made in under 3 days for another Chemistry project, much like "Tywo At Large" Ep. #2 so sit back and enjoy! And no, that isn't Dr. Axel Becke of Queens University, it apparently doesn't look or sound anything like him.

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I recently just ate some whip cream and my mouth stinks!

Loved it

I'm right there with Fro about the interview thing. I've done many as well, and most of the time you can even get away with showing slight disinterest because the people speaking are too focused on talking about themselves to really notice. So, in that respect, I really like how the interveiwee didn't seem to notice our host smelling his foot and all those other things. Great animation as well, the art is wonderful and very well suiting for your style of animation. Keep up the great work!


Pixmintro responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)


Sorry for not being able to attend the Silent Hill meetup. I have to work and everything down at college exactly on the 19th. :(

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Perfect like usual. Your stuff is always awesome. You've really came a long ways since I've watched your submission at the computer fair that one time. Really good all around. Good use of shadows, very smooth animation, and great artwork. You have it all.

~ Story/Content ~

You hit an interview right on the nose. Being into movie making and TV a lot I've interviewed governors, senators, etc.. other big official people like that. This is exactly how I felt throughout the entire interview. Like I had to act interested in what they were saying, but in reality you don't even listen to them.

Really made me laugh in a few spots like most of your stuff does. Good humor all around.

~ Audio ~

Good voice acting, sound effects, use of music, syncing audio with animation, etc..

~ Overall ~

Wonderful as always. I'm very impressed that you did this under 3 days as I couldn't ever do it no matter how long I had.

Keep up the amazing work and don't forget me when your famous and making millions.

~ Review Request Club ~

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks man, good news for you, the Meetup is now the 26th and 27th I guess. :D Glad that you liked it and god, that Computer Fair movie would never end up on here, hell I'm even embarrassed to look at my stuff from last year lol. Anyway thanks, it took 3 days because like 90% of the episode was originally just rearranged scenes from Ep. #2.

About normal

A smooth animation about the follies of the humble Chemistry Professor. I'm sure there will be Canadian robots in the future as well - it's inevitable :P

I can see why Professor Hobsquabble took a career in Chemistry now - will he be making more appearances in future episodes of Tywo at Large? I can certainly imagine how he will get on famously with Tywo and the gang.

I think that this piece lacked the certain panache that can accompany most Chemistry teachers - there were no practical experiments set up, showing how much fun teaching Chemistry can be, as we all know that hazardous chemicals can be fun, as can power tools, both of which I have found in a Chemistry lab over my school career.

[Review Request Club]

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks, I'm not sure if I'm going to bring him back again, this was sort of a spur of the moment, "crap I have do another project" movie. :P I didn't really spend enough time this time thinking my idea up since I was on an insanely tight schedule but I did squander a lot of what I could have done in this movie. Thanks for reviewing though. :)


That guy's a knob. Every flash movie doesn't need to have humor.

Would have been cool if you did implement that thing where it changes on Fridays. I would have helped you with it.

Pixmintro responds:

Hmm, it's never too late. :P Thanks.