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Of Angels and Men: Intro

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Author Comments

Thanks, folks!

I got a much more positive response to this than I had anticipated! I'm glad you all liked it!
At this point, I'm feeling a LOT more confident about my skills (thanks to all the people who took the time and effort to review) and am gearing up to finish off the next installment.

MAGICAL EDIT THINGY!! (ooohhh...)::
Please submit this to the 'Serious Shorts' collection or the 'Music Videos' collection. I would be much obliged.

Hi, fellow Newgrounders! This flash is the product of a about week's work, and was definitely rushed... maybe a little too much so. Also, I learned how to do mmmoootttiiiooonnnn bbbbllluuurrrr and a bunch of other great stuff right before I finished the project, so I just shrugged and decided to save the best for later. Thus, I cut the thing short, and called it a prologue.

It may seem a little disconnected right now, but that's because it's the first chunk of something bigger.

Also, just a shout out to Spacejelly. Your animation 'Penndragon' sort of indirectly inspired me to do this animation, so... well, thanks for doing an awesome animation!


I'm trying to get the panel size right, but it refuses to cooperate. Give me some time.


Bleagh. Close enough. The white strip that sometimes appears at the bottom is not supposed to be there, but defied my best efforts. Sorry.


Now it's weird again. TRYING TO FIX!!


It's good now. Mental note; NO TOUCHING THE SETTINGS!! If you see a problem, PM me, kay?

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Great Story Always Exceeds Style

It is quite an interesting story behind your animation. As you refine your style, it will become easier for others to understand your stories. I would recommend making a few short stories just for yourself, and maybe not for newgrounds, and try animating them in a few new styles, each one more challenging than the last. And avoid putting your newest or best stuff on Newgrounds; use NG as a platform for development of storytelling in respect of a possibly very large audience.

Looking forward to more great stories.

Mogget128723 responds:

Thanks for the great review!

Actually, I do write stories. Lots of stories. Too many stories. I've got one full novel, part of a sequel, and twenty-four short stories sitting in a folder titled 'Writing' on my D drive 0.0

My friends all say I should try to publish them, but I'll wait on that.

And come to think of it, some of those might make good animations.

Thanks again for your review!

yay for awesome flash vids

my bother made this one, he's an annoying, grumpy teenager, but he makes a good flash. keep up the good work. :]

Mogget128723 responds:

The annoying, grumpy teenager says GRR!!

And thanks for the 10, sis!

Nice flash for a first!

And the graphics were good...i can't draw a line XD
The storyline...random
COLLECTION:I chose serious shorts!
And keep contributing to NG with good flashes!

Mogget128723 responds:

The storyline will make sense if you watch Episode 1, which should be finished within the week. Otherwise, thanks! I LOVE seeing 8s and 9s!

And thank you for submitting it to a collection. I am in your debt. (hat off)

It's good!

I acttualy like it!

~The Good~
Every thing except for...

~The Bad~
Graphics (only some of them, alot of them wer rock on! \m/).

I also have a suggestion:
Instead of text you should voice act it, I think it might add to the emotion.

Over all: Good movie! 8/10!

Mogget128723 responds:

WAAAH!!! I've got a crappy mike. <sniff>

Yeah, everyone agrees that the graphics could use more work (including me) but FEAR NOT!! Episode 1, at this point, looks AWESOME. It's miles past where this one drew its line in the sand.

Thanks for your review!
(PLEEEESE submit to serious shorts or music videos!!)


Graphic's could of used abit more time, but I'll tell ya what it ran pretty smooth for the most part. I enjoyed it! Keep it up!

Can't wait for pt2 3/5

Mogget128723 responds:

Yeah, it was a bit rushed, but part 2 will look a good bit nicer... I hope. If you don't like the 'squareish' though, this isn't for you. That's just my style.

Glad to hear you liked it!